Introducing Nimco’s, a beloved brand that has been delighting taste buds since 1979. Owned by CNF Industries, Nimco’s began its humble journey with a small outlet nestled in the heart of Clifton, Karachi. From there, we embarked on a mission to craft the finest nimco products, setting the standard for quality and taste. As the years passed, our dedication to excellence propelled us forward, expanding our offerings to include an array of unique nimco creations, as well as fresh, hot snacks, and a diverse selection of frozen food items.



Nimco could guarantee you the best taste in the industry and with the quality taste and the international packaging that would last the freshness for long allows you to have your favorite snacks stored with you for more than one year.



This really is an achievement for us that Nimco now holds an important market share in the industry and with our current five outlets, we have managed to reach people all over Karachi. Although there are high hopes for such expansion in future also, we are in process of expanding our products nationwide too.



Nimco does not only hold a good taste and an international packaging but at Nimco it is believed that when a consumer puts his trust by purchasing our product he deserves the best in every way. For the same reason it is taken care the most that all our products are being made in the most hygienic environment and to ensure that we have undergone all the certifications that proves our commitment towards hygiene & top quality standards.

We have also managed to grab THE BRAND OF THE YEAR AWARD 2011.